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Ardell Original Feathered Lash - Wispies 703

by Ardell
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Natural with a bold attitude! Up your lash game with Ardell’s Wispies™ 703. Features the right volume and luxuriously long length. Get fluttery, feathery fullness without an overwhelming bulky feel. Signature Wispies™ texturing and style give your gorgeous eye makeup a sensational lift. Let your eyes shine with a light that’s uniquely yours! Put on a Wispies™ 703 pair today and experience MAGIC!


  • Invisiband
  • 100% Natural Human Hair
  • Naturally Glam Cluster Strip Lash:  Pretty lash looks with the right amount of drama. The Ardell Wispies™ 703 features medium volume and long-length lash clusters. Give your natural lashes a fuller, more audacious appearance. Perfect for making a statement for your next gala premiere or for a wild, unforgettable night of partying downtown.

    Fab Flared Silhouette: Shorter in the inner corners and fans out with a certain elegance to the outer corners. Ardell’s Wispies™ 703 sports a flirty, flared lash profile. Accentuates and enhances your eye shape effortlessly.

    That Wispies™ Magic: Fall in love all over again. When you see Wispies™, you already know what you’re in for! Get that super luxurious texture, crisscrossing, and feathery fullness. Features sweeping, dramatic curls that give your lash line an irresistible come-hither look. Intricately hand-woven using only top-quality 100% premium human hair. Natural has never been this daring!

    Seamless Faux Lash Fit: Worryfree lash fit all night long! Party even harder with confidence and grace with the Wispies™ 703. These fab falsies are fitted with patented Invisiband® lash bands. This exclusive lash band technology makes sure you’re 703’s stay invisible and secure no matter the situation.

 How to Use:

1. Align the lash band with your natural lash line to check the fit. Trim the outer end if required.

2. Apply a thin line of lash adhesive to the lash band and wait for 30 seconds until the adhesive becomes tacky.

3. Place the lash band as close to your natural lash line as possible and gently press down to secure.

To remove, simply peel off the lash from the outer edge and carefully remove adhesive from the band to reuse.