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Ardell Natural Strip Lash - 120 Black Demi

by Ardell
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The false lashes that look so genuine, no one will know they're not yours! An ‘oh so natural’ yet stunning look with Ardell's Natural in 120. A lightweight pair of lashes perfect for everyday lash wear in the office, at school, or anywhere you need an extra boost. Made with black, mid-length strands to complement your naturally short or medium hairs. Gives an extra lift to your eye makeup without going too far with length. Just the perfect pair to keep everyone's eyes on you while enjoying a cup of coffee! Nothing gets so gorgeously natural than that!


  • Comfy and Lightweight: Get undeniably soft to see and softer to touch lash locks! These strips are made with extra lightweight materials, you can wear them effortlessly from day until night. The strands are designed with a crisscross style making them look and feel exactly like your real lashes. The fibers go along smoothly and bend with your eye movements without looking awkward or stiff.
  • Medium Length and Curl: Whatever mood you're in for the day, these strips are your go-to! The strands are made with a very noticeable curl perfect for a striking but not too dramatic look. Tailored with not too short but not too long strands ideal for an upbeat vibe especially for naturally shorter natural lashes. Nicely tapered to thinner and finer tips for a more natural look and feel you’d almost forget you’ve put something extra in there!
  • Contoured Flared Style: Neatly designed with a dainty flare where shorter hairs are placed in the inner corner and longer fibers at the outer corner. The lashes slightly fan outwardly, enhancing the natural shape of your eyes without looking too imposing. Great for a tantalizing daytime look and with only a black eyeliner,  can instantly turn your eyes to a glamorous nighttime style!
  • Durable, Invisiband: Brush off the need for covering up and taking a lot of time to get a seamless lashed-eye finish. These strips are tailored with Ardell’s Invisiband, a clear and flexible lash band. Your won’t bunch up giving you a smooth transition from your lids to your lashes. Offers a very secure hold and stays intact through sweat, sudden movement, and even happy tears. Saves you time prepping, for more time partying!

 How to Use:

1. Align the lash band with your natural lash line to check the fit. Trim the outer end if required.

2. Apply a thin line of lash adhesive to the lash band and wait for 30 seconds until the adhesive becomes tacky.

3. Place the lash band as close to your natural lash line as possible and gently press down to secure.

To remove, simply peel off the lash from the outer edge and carefully remove adhesive from the band to reuse.