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EBS Nail Tools - Single Toe Separator (144ct of bag)

by EBS
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EBS Single Toe Separators are economical and environmentally friendly individual toe separators. It brings a unique twist to toe separators! People come in all shapes and sizes and that is why EBS is designed as a toe separator that is so versatile it will fit any size foot. This unique horseshoe shape provides any toes without pulling or separating the toes to an uncomfortable position. Using fifty percent less foam, there is no need to cut or use unnecessary foam pieces. Because of the great shape and size of the toe separator, it tends to reduce the pressure and friction that most toe separators can cause.

  • Made from ultra-soft, luxurious foam
  • Great for separating toes during pedicure services
  • Flexible, convenient, and sanitary single-use
  • Color may be vary
  • Unique design requires only 2 toes per foot!
  • Soft material keeps the client's feet comfortable.
  • Stays secure and doesn’t move during dry time.
  • 144ct/bag