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Gena Healthy Hoof Hoof Lacquer Top Coat 0.5oz

by Gena
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Healthy Hoof Top Coat is a hi-gloss and quick-drying nail protectant that is originally developed for horses' hooves and was discovered by groomers to be excellent for nail care. This formula makes any manicure or pedicure highly durable with a swipe of a shiny solid coating over the nail bed.

STRENGTHENS AND PROTECTS THE NAIL: Formulated to effectively help heal chipping nails and restore it to its former glory, you will enjoy your healthier-looking nails again with this formula. Its rich ingredients form a barrier on the skin against harsh environmental factors while conditioning your nails.
HIGH GLOSS NAIL TOP COAT: Gena Healthy Hoof Lacquer is a high gloss protectant and the secret of top horse trainers.
NON GREASY: This lacquer is greaseless and stainless. This top coat is infused with soothing vitamins and natural oils to soften hands and cuticles while boosting your nails moisture. This potent formula will help improve severe dryness caused by exposure to harsh elements. Gena Healthy Hoof Lacquer contains botanical ingredients like Castor Oil, Lanolin, Aloe Vera, Soybean, and other high protein content ingredients.
How to use: apply as you would any top coat product onto natural nail or over polish. Keep using to maintain the suppleness. Dryness is treated, and perfect nail is restored!