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IBD Dual Building Gel - Warm Nude 0.5oz

by IBD
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These perfect soft gels can be used to adhere IBD Soft Gel Tips to the natural nail, creating beautiful and long-lasting nails which can be soaked off for easy removal. Dual Builder Gels can also be used as overlays for extending the natural nail or tips.SA


How to use: 


Preparation for IBD Dual Builder Gel:
1. Push back overgrown cuticles and remove with a cuticle pusher. If needed, use cuticle nippers to trim off excess.
2. Gently remove the shine from natural nail by using a fine nail file or buffer block.


Soft Gel Tip Application:
1. Apply IBD Dehydrate, followed by IBD PowerBond.
2. Apply a thin coat of IBD Dual Builder Gel to the natural nail and cure for 30 seconds under LED lamp or 1 minute if using a UV lamp.
3. On the inside of the soft gel tip, apply a thin layer of IBD Dual Builder Gel. Only apply the length of the natural nail.
4. Place the soft gel tip on the natural nail, lightly press down the tip starting from the cuticle to the free edge in order to push out any air bubbles between the natural nail and the soft gel tip. If you do not have enough product, remove the tip and add more. If there is too much product, wipe off the excess before moving on to step 8.
5. Keep applying pressure and flash cure under LED lamp for 15 seconds or 45 seconds if using UV lamp.
6. Once all of the nails are done, cure for a full 30 seconds under an LED lamp or 2 minutes if using a UV lamp.
7. Remove any excess IBD Dual Builder Gel on the soft gel tip with file.
8. Buff the entire nail using a fine file or buffing block.
9. Dust off nail
10. Apply your favorite IBD Lacquer or Gel Polish and top coat.