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Ardell Duralash Knot-Free Naturals - Long Black

by Ardell
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Make a grand entrance with a truly unique lash look! Glam it up your way with the Ardell Knot-Free Naturals Duralash Individuals - Long. Each lovely faux lash pack includes 56 luxuriously long-length, knot-free clusters. Now you can customize your lash looks to your heart’s content. Perfect for building the volume you want. Go full glam or add a little spice here and there, it’s always your call! Be simply stunning tonight as you let the good times roll!


  • Long Length Clusters: Naturally beautiful with a touch of elegance and style! No more drab lashes from now on with the Ardell Knot-Free Naturals Duralash Individuals - Long. Customize your lash look with 56 lavish individual lash clusters. Get super gorgeous eyes with an irresistible come-hither vibe. Give these bad girls a try tonight!
  • Knot-Free Invisiband® Fit: This is a no-knot zone! The Ardell Knot-Free Naturals Duralash Individuals - Long feature seamless knot-free. This means you get a fit invisible, light and comfy. No one’s going to believe you’re wearing falsies…especially you! Get all these thanks to Ardell’s patented Invisiband® technology.
  • Natural Look and Feel: Experience luxury like never before! These Ardell Knot-Free Natural Duralash Individuals - Long are fitted 10 strands per individual lash cluster. Gives you total volume control and a lightweight and fluttery finish. They’re certified cruelty-free and vegan-friendly too!
  • The Best Lash Choice: You simply can’t go wrong with Ardell’s knot-free Naturals Duralash Individuals - Long. No need for expensive visits to lash salons. Get pro-quality results right at home at fraction of the time and cost! Get up to 2 weeks of glam lash wear when you apply them with an individual lash adhesive or a reliable 1-day wear with strip lash adhesive.

 How to Use:

Before applying individual lashes, thoroughly clean your natural eyelashes and eyelids so they are makeup and oil free.

1. Gently remove lash from tray using tweezers.

2. Apply a drop of lash adhesive onto foil.  Dip lash base into adhesive.

3. Place over natural lash, close to the lash line without touch eyelid.  Apply more lashes for desired look.

To remove, moisten two cotton swaps with a specially formulated lash remover or baby oil.  Place one above lashes and one below.  Gently massage the two swabs back and forth until lashes fall off.