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IBD Dip & Sculpt | Eminent Beauty System

IBD Dip & Sculpt

IBD has reinvented dip powder to pull double duty! Introducing Dip & Sculpt the innovative two-in-one product that lets you create dip and acrylic nail enhancements with the use of a single powder. Simply use it with a traditional dip manicure system to create natural-looking nails or pair it with monomer to sculpt acrylic nails. Best of all, this game-changing powder is fortified with nail-strengthening bamboo extract to promote strong and healthy nails.

IBD Dip & Sculpt is available in 72 versatile shades that flawlessly match clients’ favorite IBD gel and lacquer colors, as well as 5 french dip powders. Two professional Dip & Sculpt kits are available, as well as 4 IBD It's A Match French duos for the ultimate in coordination for your clients. In addition, IBD also has affordable disposable dipping trays  so manicurists can keep a sanitary environment for each manicure service. 

Get excited to tap the power of possibilities with IBD Dip & Sculpt powder!


  • 2-in-1 Dip Powder Formula can be used as a normal dip system or as a traditional acrylic with monomer for sculpting
  • Bamboo Extract enhanced powder strengthens nail enhancements
  • Calcium and Vitamin E enriched Base promotes durability
  • 40% less fumes emitted by the Base and Sealer compared to competitors
  • Activator improves nail strength and flexibility
  • Natural, Lightweight, and Durable
  • No Damage to Natural Nails
  • 72 Gorgeous Shades in Crèmes, Glitters, Neons, and Shimmers


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