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Apres Gel-X Extension Kit

Gel X Nails: Everything You Need To Get Started

Master the Application of Gel X Nails.

Gel X Nails are easy to apply at home with minimal supplies. First you'll need to prepare your nails for application, which includes filing and polishing them into the desired shape. After that, brush on adhesive and apply a thin layer of primer before using the extension tool to carefully secure each nail in place. Finally, cure the extensions under an LED lamp for thirty seconds and enjoy your get Gel X nails!

Apres Gel-X pH Bonder

After your application is complete, make sure to avoid prolonged use of water or chemical interactions. To keep your nails looking their best, it’s important to fill in any gaps with a thin layer of clear top coat every two weeks and repeat the process of filing, brushing on adhesive and polishing. You can even add a pop of color with carefully picked nail polish. Gel X nails are an easy way to achieve long-lasting manicure results at home, so give it a try and achieve that perfect look!

Apres Gel-X Builder Gel

Gel X nails, also known as soak-off gels, are a great way to achieve a professional salon-style mani at home. Before applying the product, make sure to shape and buff your nails and clean them with 99 percent alcohol or acetone. Once your nails are prepped, paint a thin layer of Gel X adhesive onto each nail and press the nail tips onto each finger. Then use an LED lamp or UV lamp to cure the adhesive for about 30 minutes. Create the look you desire by filing and buffing the nail surface before painting on a final base coat or color of your choice. Once complete, seal with a top coat that has been cured under an LED or UV light.

Tips for a Long Lasting Manicure with Gel X Nails.

To ensure a long lasting manicure with Gel X Nails, start with properly prepped nails. Make sure your nails are clipped and filed to the desired shape, and be careful not to push back your cuticles. After application, avoid using any products with acetone or heavy oils on your manicure as this can cause lifting or breakage of the nail extensions. When reapplying the extensions, use a thin layer of adhesive for best results. Lastly, remember to return for touch-ups every two to three weeks for manicures that last!

Some other simple tips that you should keep in mind when having a Gel X manicure is to be gentle with your nails, avoid excessive soaking and don’t wear gloves too often. If your hands come into contact with any products that contain oils or alcohol, wash them immediately to prevent damage. Additionally, if you choose to remove your nail extensions yourself, use the proper techniques such a filing and buffering. With these few easy steps, you can get the most out of each manicure and ensure maximum durability for stunning nails all season!

Before getting gel x nails applied, be sure your nails are properly prepped. Make sure they’re clean and free of any lotion, debris, or products that may interfere with the adhesive bond of the artificial nail. Once you’ve removed any existing gels or nail extensions and revived your natural nail health, it’s time to get started. To ensure maximum durability and lasting effects of your manicure be sure to start with a coat of base paint before applying the powder or soak-off gel polish for an even greater hold. If a standard top coat is used during Gel X application, make sure it is lightly cured under an LED/UV light until completely dry. This will ensure that your tips stay crispy and clear until your next appointment!



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