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Everything You Need to Know About Acrylic and Gel Nails

Everything You Need to Know About Acrylic and Gel Nails

What Is the Difference Between Acrylic and Gel Nails?

The primary difference between acrylic and gel nails is in their composition. Acrylics are crafted from a mixture of a liquid monomer and a powder polymer, while gels are made up of a semi-permanent base of polymer and monomer gel. Because of this, gels often have a more natural look when compared to acrylics, which can appear more obvious or “fake” on the nails.


Acrylics are also more durable, making them great for those who need a manicure that will last. Gel nails, on the other hand, are better for those seeking a more natural look as they won’t look as “fake” and hold onto the nail’s shape for up to two weeks. In addition, gel nails require fewer touch-ups and are easier to repair when chipped or broken.


When it comes to acrylic and gel nails, there are key differences that need to be taken into consideration. Both can give you gorgeous nails in no time — but they have different application processes and results. Acrylics are typically stronger than gels, and they give you a great base for adding artwork or nail decorations, whereas gels tend to be more pliable and require less filing. Plus, because gels often don’t require a laminate or glue, they can look more natural because your nails won’t look as thick as acrylics.


As for application time, gels are usually applied by using a UV or LED lamp. The curing process usually takes about two minutes. In contrast, acrylics don’t need extra lighting and can be applied quickly, often taking only 30 minutes to an hour to set. Acrylics are more convenient if you are in a hurry; gels often require your nails to be soaked off after they start wearing down — while with acrylics, you can file them down as soon as they need a refresh. Ultimately, both options provide beautiful results, and it just depends on the look and longevity that you are looking for.
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